Yani is an expert facilitator, and her singing workshops receive outstanding reviews. Participants walk away understanding what they need to do and how to do it effectively.


It's BIG, it's LOUD, it's FUN and it's for singers of all levels - From ages 8 - 108 - Join Yani to learn some sweet tunes and for a good, ol' fashioned sing-a-long

Yani has facilitated many A BIG SING workshop. - beginning with a focus on Blues and Gospel styles but evolving into themed sing-a-longs including (60's, 80's and Aussie Rock Editions). No experience required! Just a love of singing and getting funky! It’s also great to increase confidence, energise you and put you in a good mood!


Yani will teach 2-3 songs with harmonies and include some opportunities to bring out your inner soloist or just enjoy being part of a group and blend in ... but it's not all concentration mode - the learning is interspersed with some good ol' fashioned sing-a-long with some well know favourites.

  • 3 hour workshop
  • Great for beginners and up - ages 8 and up
  • $45 ($35 concession)

Giving Away All My Secrets

This course will help you unwrap the natural gift of the voice you already have inside you. Tap into the wisdom and experience  of Yani's vocal and performance career of more than 20 years

Find out what you're capable of and replace old limiting beliefs with a fresh set of tools and techniques to free your voice and confidence. Learn 'FEARLESS SINGING' in a supportive group and learn by watching Yani masterclass others or it may even be you! Great for beginners and those wanting to come out of the singing closet aka the shower!

  • 1 day workshop
  • Great for beginners and up

Slap Yourself Silly with Yani

Find your innate body rhythm, learn skills or improve the ones you already have while having lots of fun  with games and brain gym. You will learn a COOL body percussion routine to show off to all your friends 😀

  • Great for teachers or parents who want something super fun to teach their kids
  • Awesome brain food – keep your brain active and aid coordination
  • For the competent beginner to intermediate level
  • Half day workshop
  • Competent beginners to intermediate slappers
  • $50 (inc GST)

Fine Tune – Singing Masterclass with Yani

For people who have sung before and want to go the extra step to fine tune their vocal skills

A master class is a small group class where participants learn by receiving direct feedback on a prepared piece from a master – in this case Yani. Participants also learn by watching the other students workshop their pieces with Yani. So basically, you get to both see and experience Yani demonstrate her highly successful teaching style and share her extensive singing and performing wisdom with you and the group. Each person will sing a verse and chorus they have prepared and Yani will then give instruction on how to improve the tone, quality and sound depending on what she hears and what areas you may want to address. Then, you’ll sing again (maybe 2-3 times), putting into practice Yani’s pointers.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Previous singing experience required
  • $165  for full master class session
    $110 for auditing group activities

Gabe Monson attended Masterclass with Yani in June 2014

Thanks and a huge YAY for the skill and generous energy you put into our Masterclass on Saturday... it was wonderful to see people's voices drop in, open out, warm up. And their hearts too... You have such a talent... not just for your own singing, but for seeing what someone needs, for offering the right trick/gift/metaphor that will bring us along. SO look forward to working with you more in choir and groups and sharing the joy and depths of singing.