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Having worked & travelled with Yani for many years, I have great respect for her knowledge of the vocal mechanism, her gorgeous voice & her warm & engaging teaching style. She is more than just a song leader or conductor, because she has so much to offer in the areas of performance skills and vocal technique – she directs choirs but has also worked with many different music groups in many different contexts, so she has a comprehensive knowledge of how things work on stage, and how to get the best from people. Yani also knows her way around many styles of music, and communicates to any group with great compassion and a sense of fun. I would definitely recommend you take the opportunity to do a workshop with Yani.

Tony Backhouse

How you can work with Yani in New Zealand

Sing Better in a Day

Learn the 4 key principles of how to sing better
Do you struggle to get a good sounding, strong, reliable sound from your voice?
Would you like to learn how to sing (MUCH) better in a fun, informative ONE DAY workshop?
Do you want to take home practical techniques, tips and tactics that you can use forever to keep improving your singing voice?
If you answered yes to any of these, then Sing Better in a Day is for YOU. ​

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10 March 2019

Havelock North Function Centre


24 March 2019

Akaroa Bowls Club

Yani Choir Whisperer

Improve your sound through unity, play and joy
Does your choir need to enjoy each other more?
Do you wish that members had more common ground with each other so everyone could be on the same page?
Does more play equal a more unified sound sound good to you?
Yani's passion is holding a safe loving vibe in choir. She believes that social cohesion creates a sense of belonging, unity, fun, joy, and engagement that automatically helps everyone to sound better.

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Private Vocal Coaching

Supercharge your singing progress
Would you like to sing (much) better in just one hour?
Would you love to feel confident, at ease and enjoy your voice?
Would you like to be guided every step of the way with a highly experienced performer, singer, teacher who's passion is helping people to transform their singing?
Yani has more than 27 years of teaching knowledge and experience in the industry as a singer, performer, vocal and performance coach. She has also just complete all 3 modules of The LoVetri Somatic Voicework training with Jeannie LoVetri from New York as well as studying Learning Strategies for Musical Success ..."The modules that I will really concentrate on are what I know are the usual trouble spots for singers as well as what I consider the best things to super charge your singing progress"...

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What people say about working with Yani

Thank you so much Yani for such a wonderful, inspiring and meaningful session! ... I feel like I have had a huge breakthrough with aspects of singing that were a mystery to me and I feel a beautiful sense of hope and pride. I feel so fortunate to have worked with you - what a gift!! - woohoo! .....

Thank you for your encouragement and helping my journey back to myself!
Alicia L
Yani, I wanted to tell you how much I loved your vocal technique and care coaching on our recent Gospel singing tour.
I found your explanations of how to create a resonant and full tone in a safe way to be so clear, accessible and helpful... I feel like I now have the tools to more consistently and consciously sing in my shower voice - a way that feels and sounds good! Thank you!
Also for sharing your skills and knowledge and experience in such a fun, generous and encouraging way - no question felt too silly or repetitive to ask, and your good humour helped the key concepts to really sink in. Very much appreciated!
Rachel W
Although I am new to singing Yani made my experience fabulous. She noticed when I made improvements making me feel my contribution was as important as anyone else. She was honest and gave valuable insight into how to improve my voice and to perform to an audience, singing with passion and feeling every word of the song.

I didn’t want the workshop to finish as for me it wasn’t just about singing a song perfect, it was about giving part of my unique beautiful self and expressing it in the music we made together.
Nicola R