Want to explore your vocal potential in more detail? Yani’s courses are designed especially for you.

COURSES - Availability 2016

Unfortunately due to personal health and scheduling issues we are unable to offer any further courses in 2016. We are hoping to be able to run the Tune UP course again in February/March of 2017 all things going well.

If you would still like to get singing sooner check out our coaching page for one-on-one options or come along to one of our A Big Sing workshops (dates coming soon) - Head over to our contact page and sign-up for our newsletter to get notified when dates are coming up.

Tune UP!

Basically the cheapest singing lessons you will ever get in a supportive group environment.

Naturally improve your singing and breathing skills and confidence. Tune UP is a fabulous course for the beginner, rusty singer and is also the prerequisite course for joining Yani’s Tongues of Fire or ROAR choirs.

Course Outline

  • 10 weeks duration – one night per week
  • Prerequisite to join Tongues of Fire or ROAR choirs
  • $550 (inc GST) – Discounts available for course repeaters

Stage Fright to Stage Right

8-week course designed for those who are already able to sing in tune, but who desire to perform on stage WITHOUT stage fright.

  • Small group – only 6 participants
  • Tailored, personalised confidence and performance coaching
  • Industry tips, secrets and insights
  • Lots of practice and application
  • Post course graduation concert with professional accompaniment.

Course Flyer

  • 8 weeks duration – one night per week plus weekend concert
  • Intensive course with graduation stage performance for family & friends
  • $1100 (inc GST) – Early Bird rates available

'Tune Upper' Shan talks about her experience during Term 2, 2014

I’d recommend TuneUp to EVERYone! If you can talk you can sing! Yani has a very special gift in leading and nurturing her students, no matter what level of skill they have. As a singer trained in my teens, it had been a few years since I’d paid much attention to this very taken for granted craft. I got what I expected and more… I learned a whole new set of techniques to improve and expand my voice, especially giving myself permission to be loud, and a huge increase in my confidence to sing in a way that truly expresses my deepest loving heart. I learned how to explore new ways to harmonise and improvise. On top of all this, I made some very lovely new friends and had a lot of laughs!.